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Why our clients love to work with us, you ask?

  • Innovative

    We use business initiative to hone our
    vision as the creator of unique, new,
    practical platforms.

  • Positive

    We only face forward in alignment with
    the divine design. We encourage For-
    ward Progress.

  • Efficient

    We experiment and apply with precision
    the most practical, meaty programs.
    Through discovery, we synthesize down
    to basic elements for ease of use and
    application on an individual level.

  • Change maker

    We create programs that
    aggrandize human potentiality
    that move each one into more
    health, wealth, success and

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  • Gladys Khalife

    Gladys Khalife

    To be trained under the guidance of Maria is to enter into a life-changing process of personal growth. She has developed a useful process for empowering people.

    Bernard Al Mechrek

    Bernard Al Mechrek

    For me the journey throughout the program helped me a lot in personal growth, to understand myselfmore and my xperiences as well asobtaining the skills needed to help others

    Joumana Mansour

    Joumana Mansour

    Thanks to “Be the change institute” (Maria Khalife) and her amazing course that covers variety of important and deep subjects that helped me to go even deeper in my healing whilelearning techniques to coach others

We are committed towards our goal of delivering the best services

We create multi-media centers for brands. From cutting edge social media content, stunning glossy magazines, best selling
books, to award winning television broadcasts. We are experts in creating content that inspires and entertains to sell your product
or message to your desired demographic audiences and international markets. 

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