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TV Production

Soufra Daimeh

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Soufra Daimeh is a household brand devoted to food, created and produced by Maria Khalife. With over 1,000 cooking TV episodes broadcast on local and satellite channels and over 80 cookbooks published with 1 million copies sold in the Middle East and around the world, Soufra Daimeh has made a significant impact on Arabic-speaking communities. Maria Khalife also launched the Soufra Daimeh cooking magazine, the first Arabic cooking magazine in Lebanon and the Arab world. The brand offers inspirational recipes, entertaining how-to videos, culinary news and articles, nutrition tips, and everything from the kitchen to yours for living your best life… deliciously.

Super Mom 

Created and produced by Maria Khalife, "Super Mom" is an inspiring and educational television show that focuses on family, well-being, self-empowerment, and success building. With humor, flair, and dynamic creativity, Maria hosts valuable guests and provides insightful coaching to moms and women, helping them navigate the challenges of motherhood and personal growth. The show aims to uplift and empower women to achieve their fullest potential.


The Perfect Bride

The Perfect Bride is a captivating TV series where every girl dreams of finding the man of her dreams, meeting his parents, the unforgettable proposal, getting married, and moving in together. But what if the order is mixed up? What if the mother-in-law is the one proposing … to HER idea of the Perfect Bride? This engaging show brings together 12 potential brides, 6 grooms, and 6 mothers-in-law to see who will make a perfect match. As the coach, Maria Khalife provides invaluable guidance, helping participants navigate through the challenges and excitement of this unique matchmaking process.

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